Healthy Relationships vs Unhealthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships vs Unhealthy Relationships

What is an UNHEALTHY Relationship?

  • One that involves ANY kind of physical, emotional, verbal or psychological abuse.
  • One that includes ANY kind of forced sexual activity.
  • You focus all of your time and energy on your partner and neglect yourself.
  • Your partner wants you to change to meet his or her standards.
  • You have to justify what you do, where you go, and who you see.
  • One of you makes all the decisions and controls everything.
  • You lie to one another.
  • You always make excuses for your partner.
  • You have NO personal space.
  • You suffer from chronic depression and/or have low self-esteem.

What is a HEALTHY Relationship?

  • It involves absolutely NO physical, verbal, emotional or psychologial abuse.
  • Sexual activity between you and your partner is ALWAYS consensual.
  • Even if you disagree or have a fight, you always treat each other with RESPECT.
  • Your partner supports you through tough times no matter what.
  • You TRUST each other to do what’s right for the other person.
  • You are HONEST with each other.
  • You’re both cool with having your own activities and friends separate from each other.
  • You can be OPEN and DIRECT without fear of retaliation or manipulation.

(from Healthy Relationships by Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault)

15 Signs of a Healthy Relationship:

  1. He/she is sensitive to my feelings.
  2. He/she respects my opinions and my values.
  3. I feeel that he/she trusts me.
  4. He/she is not overly jealous or possessive.
  5. He/she accepts me for who I am and doesn’t try to change me.
  6. He/she treats me as an equal.
  7. He/she is willing to discuss our problems and disagreements.
  8. He/she does not try to control my life.
  9. He/she does not embarrass me or put me down in front of others.
  10. It’s okay with him/her when I spend time with my other friends.
  11. I am not afraid of his/her temper.
  12. I can easily tell him/her when my feelings are hurt.
  13. He/she does not criticize how I look or how I dress.
  14. He/she never talks about me behind my back.
  15. He/she listens to me and tries to understand my point of view.