Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


Image from the Portsmouth Free Public Library
Image from the Portsmouth Free Public Library

The Center for Abused Persons has many volunteer opportunities available to the citizens of Charles County. Extensive classroom and field training are provided for all volunteers. If you are interested in any of the following volunteer activities, please contact A’lyce Bowman at 301-645-8994 or alycebowmancap@gmail.com for more information. Additionally, you can fill out our Volunteer Application below and e-mail it to A’lyce or bring it to our office.

Volunteer Application 

Hospital Outreach:
The Center for Abused Persons and University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center are paired together to provide treatment to adult and child victims of sexual assault and domestic violence through the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) program. Forensic Nurse Examiners who have completed specialized education and clinical preparation in the care of victims complete medical exams for individuals who have been abused or assaulted. Volunteers from the Center for Abused Persons go to the hospital to provide information and support to the victims.

Court Advocacy:
The Center for Abused Persons offers court advocacy to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Volunteers accompany victims to their Protective Order hearings to provide support as victims participate in court proceedings.

Crisis Hotline:
The Center for Abused Persons operates the only 24-hour Crisis Hotline in Charles County. Hotline Counselors provide telephone crisis intervention and counseling as well as information and referrals for needed services. Volunteers may work on the Hotline while under the supervison of the Hotline Supervisor.

Community Education:
Volunteers may be trained to help educate citizens in Charles County about domestic violence and sexual assault through speaking engagements at schools, businesses, churches or other community organizations. Or, they may help the Center for Abused Persons by staffing booths at health fairs and other community functions.

Volunteer Opportunities for Teens:

  • Students may put up posters and/or distribute information about CAP
  • Students may invite CAP staff to speak to student or other community groups to which they belong
  • Students can earn community service hours by collecting used cell phones for CAP (every three phones turned in for CAP earns one hour of community service). Note: The Center for Abused Persons is on the Board of Education’s approved list of service learning sites.

Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors is always looking for individuals willing to lend their expertise with strategic planning, fundraising and raising community awareness.

2017 Board Members:

Michelle Bradford, President

Garcia Buckley, Vice President

Stephen Salvas, Secretary/Treasurer

Nicole Daniels

Diane Richardson

Leonard Thomas

Mae Wade