Crisis Hotline

Crisis Hotline

The Center for Abused Persons’ trained Hotline Counselors operate the only Crisis Hotline in Charles County.  Thousands of citizens call our Crisis Hotline each year. 

The Hotline serves as a lifeline for troubled youth and adults who are contemplating suicide or who need assistance with such problems as substance abuse, anxiety, depression, family conflict, physical and sexual abuse or assault and emergency housing. 

In addition to crisis intervention, Hotline Counselors provide information and referral to organizations that will meet a caller’s individual needs.

Callers to our Hotline are often experiencing a crisis related to their mental health.  Talking with one of our Hotline Counselors may be just the intervention a caller needs to take proactive steps toward improving their mental health.


Have you or a member of your family been victimized, battered or assaulted? Are you afraid, confused, lonely or thinking of hurting yourself?  Please call our Crisis Hotline at 301-645-3336 for help.