Abuser Intervention Program (AIP)

Abuser Intervention Program (AIP)

The Abuser Intervention Program is a comprehensive set of counseling services designed specifically for men who use violence and abuse on their partners. The counter piece of this program is a 26-week group counseling experience. Most of the men involved in this program have been referred by the local court system. However, others may attend the program voluntarily.

Program Philosophy
The Abuser Intervention Program was designed with two basic beliefs in mind. First and foremost is that any form of physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse within an intimate relationship is unacceptable and creates devastating consequences to both the abuser and the victim. Second, most abusive men do not recognize their behavior and would change if given support and taught substitute behavior. The Abuser Intervention Program provides the information and counseling abusive men need to change destructive ways of relating to the important people in their lives.

Intake & Admission Process
Every client who contacts the Center about the Abuser Intervention Program will be required to attend an intake appointment with one of our counselors. During the intake, the counselor will ask questions designed to provide a clear picture of the client’s background and current situation. Information about the client’s history of abusive behavior, any prior counseling experiences as well as any alcohol or other drug abuse will be requested. The intake may take only one hour, or it may involve several meetings over a period of several weeks.

Participation in the Group
If accepted to the Abuser Intervention Program, clients will be required to agree to a set of guidelines for participation. Most of these rules are designed to help the group stay on subject and allow members to get as much out of their participation as possible.

The program will involve a combination of instruction by the group facilitator and discussion by the members. It is expected that everyone will contribute in some way to the discussions. The Center will contact the abuser’s victim to encourage him or her to report any further abuse immediately. The Center’s educational and counseling services are also offered to the victim at that time.

Three main topics are discussed in the group meetings. The first is anger management. Men learn to identify more accurately when they are becoming angry and how to manage their anger. The second topic is values clarification. Group members clarify what is important to change in their relationship. The final topic is communication skills. Clients learn and practice more effective ways to communicate their needs and to work out differences with others.

The cost of the intake is $20 and the program cost is $20 per week for twenty-six weeks.