Our Programs

Our Programs

A Family Concern

The Center for Abused Persons is a private, non-profit agency providing the citizens of Charles County with crisis and on-going professional counseling; support services and emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse; information, referrals and crisis intervention counseling through a Crisis Hotline; and, community education and awareness surrounding sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and suicide prevention.

Meeting the Challenge

Founded in 1983 as the Charles County Sexual Assault Center, the Center for Abused Persons (CAP) today is able to provide services to a much broader range of clients, including adult victims of sexual assault, adults who were sexually abused as children, battered women, batterers, child victims of sexual or physical abuse, child observers of family violence, and others.

Stop the Violence

Our ultimate goal is to stop the cycle of family violence by providing telephone and face-to-face counseling. Emergency safe shelter is available to victims fleeing violence. Working through the court system, CAP assists with filing protective orders, makes referrals for low or no-fee legal services and provides accompaniment and support during court proceedings. Immediate crisis intervention and on-going counseling are offered to individuals and families through a variety of programs.

Charles County’s Only 24-Hour Crisis Hotline


CAP’s trained counselors operate the only 24-hour, seven-day-a-week Hotline in Charles County. The Hotline serves as a lifeline for troubled youth and adults who are contemplating suicide or who need solutions to such problems as substance abuse, family conflict, physical and sexual abuse, assault and emergency housing. CAP’s Hotline also serves as an “after hours” backup for other human service agencies in Charles County.

Sexual Assault Intervention

CAP staff and volunteers provide services to victims of rape and sexual assault in Charles County. Outreach services are provided at the Emergency Room of University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center and at the Sheriff’s Department immediately after a report of such an incident has been filed. Additionally, CAP was the first agency in Maryland with a Forensic Nurse Examiner (FNE) program which allows victims to be treated in a caring, sensitive manner by well-trained experts in the field of evidence collection and preservation, key components in prosecuting sexual offenders. Specialized sexual assault counseling services are offered to individuals, groups and families. Services include crisis intervention, counseling, as well as information and referral to other agencies.

Our Children, Our Future

CAP receives support to provide counseling and other support services designed to meet the special needs of children who have been sexually abused or assaulted. Specialized services are also available for child observers of domestic violence. Although not always abused themselves, witnessing violence can have a lasting and devastating impact on children’s lives. Early intervention can help in preventing them from becoming adult victims and/or abusers.

Education and Awareness, Part of the Solution

CAP gets the message out to the community by providing presentations and materials to organizations, clubs, schools, etc. In addition, CAP maintains a lending library of books, articles and videotapes. Volunteers are used for outreach and expansion of the capacity to provide necessary services to the community. In addition, the Center for Abused Persons supports other agencies and organizations in the community with similar goals but whose focus is on other populations.

Need Help? Call 301-645-3336

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Thousands of citizens call our Crisis Hotline each year. Have you or a member of your family been victimized, battered or assaulted? Are you afraid, confused, lonely or thinking of hurting yourself? Call 301-645-3336 for help.

Hotline counselors are available seven days a week. All calls are confidential. Don’t feel alone. Trained Hotline counselors can help you cope with the crisis in your life.

How the Center for Abused Persons helps in cases of domestic violence:

  • Develops a safety plan and finds safe shelter
  • Accompanies you to court or for medical services
  • Provides family and crisis counseling
  • Offers day and evening support groups
  • Counsels abusers in learning non-violent ways
  • Educates the community

How the Center for Abused Persons helps after sexual assault:

  • Accompanies you to the hospital or police station
  • Provides crisis intervention
  • Offers day and evening support for all ages
  • Counsels sexually abused children, rape victims, and families in need

How You Can Support CAP

Help make friends and neighbors aware of CAP’s many services.
Sponsor a presentation by a member of CAP’s staff at your workplace, church or community group.
Lend your support as a volunteer.
Offer financial support to help us continue our mission.