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Help us put the “fun” in fundraiser! The Center for Abused Persons is sponsoring a Paint Nite event! Raise your glass to a NEW kind of night out! Paint Nite® invites you to create art over cocktails at Boston’s Restaurant, guided by a professional artist and party host. There’s no experience necessary and we’ll provide all of the supplies, so you don’t have to worry about a thing (except having a great time!). Must be of legal drinking age. Food and drink may be purchased at the event.

Location: Boston’s Restaurant (10440 O’Donnell Place, Waldorf, MD)

Date and Time: Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 7:00PM.

            There are a limited number of tickets available for purchase and they tend to sell very quickly. We are encouraging everyone to reserve their spots now! You do not want to miss out on this event. You may purchase tickets via the link below:

 The event begins promptly at 7:00 PM. Please allow extra time to find parking and get settled. If you’re coming with a group (yay, how fun!) make sure you arrive early to get seats together. If you’re planning to eat dinner before the event, please inform the host/hostess that you’re with Paint Nite® and check in with us to reserve your seats.

If you’re hungry, you’re in luck!

If you’re hungry, you’re in luck!

This week, CAP is hosting two dining fundraisers, both of which require nothing more than the purchase of dinner.

Please consider purchasing dinner during either of our fundraisers:

October 18th                                                                                      October 20th

Pizza Hotline                                                                                     Boston’s Sports Bar and Grill*

2-10 PM                                                                                               4-9 PM

La Plata, MD                                                                                      Waldorf, MD

*Don’t forget to drop your receipt in the box near the front entrance

The choice is yours! Throw in the apron, turn off the stove, and enjoy an evening off!  Thank you for your continued support!


Annual CAP Community Breakfast Recognizing Domestic Violence Awareness-October 13th, 2016

Annual CAP Community Breakfast Recognizing Domestic Violence Awareness-October 13th, 2016

Come and join us at 8am on October 13th at the Jaycee’s of Greater Waldorf where we will be holding our Annual Community Breakfast.  The day will include statements from our guest speakers as well as recognition of those men nominated to receive the Men Making a Difference Award.  This is a ticketed event.  Please call CAP at (301) 645-8994 to secure your tickets today.  Reservations should be made before October 6th.  breakfast-flyeroctober2016


Currently Seeking Abuser Intervention Program (AIP) Co-Facilitator

Currently Seeking Abuser Intervention Program (AIP) Co-Facilitator

In providing services for those effected by domestic violence and sexual assault, CAP strives to make a difference in the lives of both the victim as well as the abuser.  CAP is home to one of the several certified Abuser Intervention Programs in the state of Maryland.  CAP averages about 2 AIP groups per year, with each meeting for a period of 26 weeks.  Currently, we are in search for a co-facilitator for our next AIP group, which is estimated to begin sometime in January of 2017.

Qualified Applicants are:

  • Certified in AIP or willing to become certified in AIP
  • available to work between 3 and 6 hours per week facilitating the group.

Please contact the Center for Abused Persons at (301) 645-8994 should you are someone you know be interested in this opportunity.


Men Making a Difference Awards!!!

Men Making a Difference Awards!!!


We want you to know that there is STILL time to recognize men you know who strive to end domestic violence through their work, volunteering, or even some combination of both.  These men recognize that the fight against Intimate Partner Violence is not a battle to be fought by women, but view the issue as everyone’s problem. They fight the battle through involvement in law enforcement, the legal system, advocacy, fundraising, volunteering, and more. Their concern and compassion IS making a difference in our area, and we want them to know that!

For more details and to access the application, please go to the following page on our website:  Please do not hesitate to call us at 301-645-8994 should you have any questions. All Applications are due by Friday, September 9th, 2016!


Pizza Hotline Fundraiser

Pizza Hotline Fundraiser

Help us help those in need!

Tuesday, July 26,  2016 Pizza Hotline in LaPlata, Maryland will be donating 10% of all sales from 2-10 PM that evening to the Center for Abused Persons.

The Center for Abused Persons (CAP) provides round-the-clock services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and others in crisis in Charles County.

Have pizza for a late lunch, dinner or a late night snack. You’ll have a delicious meal and you’ll be helping people who have experienced trauma.

 Thank you for your support!



Caution urged while using Pokemon Go app

Caution urged while using Pokemon Go app

No doubt you’ve heard about the Pokemon Go craze that’s taken our nation by storm these last couple of weeks.  At first glance, it seems harmless, but there have been numerous stories about its dangers e.g.people being lured to secluded spots and robbed, people injuring themselves by not paying attention to where they were walking or driving, and now users must consider the potential danger for victims of sexual assault, intimate partner violence or stalking.

“The recent release of the GPS-based mobile game Pokemon Go has prompted a number of safety concerns for users. Based on players’ physical location, the popular new smartphone app allows players to “find” and “catch” digital creatures. By physically walking and exploring a particular geographic area, players can find new Pokemon and items on their phones. The game relies on physical location and motion, and some functions of the game—such as “hatching” Pokemon—require players to walk a particular distance while playing the game. The game also provides opportunities for players to have their Pokemon “battle” others in the area.

The app provides a warning screen when users log in, reminding them to be alert to their surroundings; however, the temptation to walk while staring at the game on a smartphone screen is too strong for many players. While stories of players sustaining minor injuries from trips and falls are relatively common, few have spoken about how focusing intently on a smartphone screen may make players more at risk for sexual assault.

Coverage of the new game has largely focused on how it has encouraged gamers to go outside, explore their neighborhoods, and forge connections in person with other players. However, this sense of camaraderie and community shared between players can create a false sense of security, particularly when players gather at “Pokestops” and “gyms,” physical locations that serve as hotspots within the game.

Perpetrators of sexual assault deliberately exploit a variety of vulnerabilities, and being immersed in a smartphone game may present an opportunity for attackers to target a distracted victim. There has already been at least one report of a player sexually assaulting another player in such a location, and another incident where a man allegedly touched small children inappropriately while at a Pokestop. Additionally, there are reports that one Pokestop in California was located at a facility housing released sex offenders—a potentially dangerous situation for the game’s young audience.

It is critical that as we discuss these incidents and potential risks, we hold perpetrators accountable for their actions—we cannot blame a smartphone game (or the users who may be victimized while playing it) for sexual violence or harassment.

The location-based nature of the game may also pose a risk for victims of intimate partner violence and stalking. At first blush, reports that users’ location data have revealed sensitive personal information may seem frivolous or entertaining. In the hands of a stalker or an abusive partner, however, the location data provided in Pokemon Go might reveal a victim’s daily habits, current whereabouts, or safehouse location.”

The above SafetySync article is reprinted from the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault Newsletter, Summer 2016

If you or someone you know has been victimized as a result of using this app, please seek help. Dial 911 or contact the Center for Abused Persons at 301-645-3336.


Boston’s Restaurant Fundraiser

Boston’s Restaurant Fundraiser

Our PaintNite Fundraiser may be all filled up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come join us for some fun.  On Thursday, May 26th from 4-9 pm, Boston’s in Waldorf (10440 O’Donnell Pl) is donating a percentage of all sales to CAP.  All you need to do is hang up your apron, enjoy a scrumptious meal out, and write “CAP” on the back of your receipt.  CAP staff and board members will be there to not only talk about the work we are doing, but help you to get in on our 50/50 raffle.  Don’t miss out on this fun way to support all that we do at CAP.  See you there!!

downloadBostons Fundraiser Poster CFAP May 26th 2016 A

Paint-Nite Fundraiser

Paint-Nite Fundraiser

Since when do you need to be an artist to be creative??!! Whether you’ve painted masterpieces or simply painted your house, PaintNite is the perfect opportunity to unleash your creative spirit. Join us Thursday, May 26th at 7pm at the Boston’s Restaurant in Waldorf (10440 O’Donnell Place).  This is the perfect date night or friend group activity, so mark your calendars and join us for some creative fun.  Space is limited, so reserve your spot TODAY at  The cost is $45 dollars per person.  All proceeds will benefit the work our dedicated staff and volunteers do 24 hours a day, every day to help victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and others in crisis.

PaintNite Flier 

Paints and brushes

Annual Candlelight Vigil

Annual Candlelight Vigil

Save the date!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Center for Abused Persons will be holding our annual Candlelight Vigil commemorating National Crime Victims’ Rights Week at 7:00 PM Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at the Charles County Courthouse in La Plata.

This year’s theme is “Serving Victims: Building Trust, Restoring Hope.” In order to help victims become survivors, we must first listen and lean in an effort to better understand what they need and how we can best serve them. Working together we can meet victims where they are and empower them through the healing process and as they become survivors.

For more information, call the Center for Abused Persons at 301-645–8994.